Everything Moves

"When we think of 'the commons,' we think of the collective commons of the air, the earth, water... but what if we consider the commons of the collective imagination?" -Amy Russell, The School of Embodied Poetics

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An evening of revelry and super-short new plays inspired by this mad election season. Let the magic of political zeitgeist theater soothe our frantic souls.

Plays commissioned by:

Bekah Brunsetter, Jihan Crowther, Olivia Dufault, Annah Feinberg, Mary Laws, Sarah McCarron, Meg Miroshnik, Matthew Paul Olmos, Daria Polatin, Matt Schatz, Aurin Squire, and Steve Yockey

Director: Jennifer Chambers      Producers: Kelly Miller, Samara Bay

*All proceeds will be donated to the Hillary Victory Fund.